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1.  Open a book and press and hold your finger over the text you wish to annotate.  
2.  A menu with the options Highlight, Add Note, Add Question, Search, & Speak Text appears, as well as two selection bars. 
3.  Drag the selection bars to the left and right to identify the relevant text.
4. To create a quiz, select Add Question.
5. This brings up two options: Open ended or Multiple choice.  Open ended allows you to insert broad questions for students to give longer, more essay-like answers, while Multiple Choice allows you to add a question and have students choose from among several answers, only one of which is correct.
6. Choose your option and type your question in the window that appears.  If it is open ended, you can then hit Publish To Course and Save and your answer will appear in the margins of the book for all students who are members of the associated course.  If your question is multiple choice, you must also enter the correct answer, along with multiple false answers.  Be sure to check the box next to the correct answer, hit Publish To Course, and Save, and you are done.

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