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  1. When you are in the text of a book, tap a notebook icon in the margin to view the associated notes.  A notebook icon with a graduation cap signifies a teacher comment, and a notebook with a number beside it signifies multiple notes.
  2. To search through all of the notes you’ve taken for a course while you are reading a book, tap the middle of the page to display the Page Menu.  At the top left you will see the menu icon (third icon from left). Tap the menu icon to bring up a suite of content tools. 
Tap on Notes to see a list of all of the notes you have written. Tap on a note to jump to that page. You will see the notes icon in the margin. Tap on the icon to view the note
  1. To search through all notes you’ve taken for all courses, go to the Course Dashboard. (Tap on a course on the My Courses page to bring up the Course Dashboard.) Tap the menu icon at the top left OR swipe the page from left to right to display the Course Menu. Tap Notebook to access all notes for all books. 
Tap a heading to view All Notes, My Notes, Teacher’s Notes, or Classmates’ Notes.

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