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You can create a new comment, view existing comments, or add your own comment to an existing thread.

If you want an overview of the existing comments, click on the Comment tool in the left sidebar menu. A new sidebar will appear with a listing of all comments for the current document. Comments can be sorted by the date the comment was last modified, page number, or alphabetically by author. Clicking on a comment in the sidebar takes you to the page of the document that contains the comment, and opens a window with the selected comment thread. With the comment thread open, you can add your own comment, delete a comment you had made, or edit a comment you had made earlier.

To add a new comment, click the location on the page that you want to comment on. A window will open. Enter the text of your comment, and click Comment. You can edit or delete the comment you add at any time either by finding it through the left sidebar comment menu, or by left-clicking on the comment icon  on the document page.

If you wish to comment on a section of text, you can use the Select tool to select the region of text and then chose Create Comment from the context menu.

Similarly, you can add your comment to an existing thread either through the left comment sidebar or by clicking the comment icon  in the document.

Comments are private, by default, but can be made public for the members of a specific course session.  

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