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You can highlight text in the Web Reader.  Your highlights are private (not visible to other readers) and cannot be removed.

On your desktop computer or laptop, you can select text by pressing and holding the left mouse button while dragging the mouse across the target text. The selected text is highlighted as the cursor moves.

On touch screen devices, you can select text by placing your finger on the first word and then dragging your finger across the text you wish to select. The highlighted text will have selection handles on both ends. You can adjust what text is selected by to extend selection by moving the handles.

When you are finished selecting the text, the following context menu appears:


You can select which action you want to take from this menu.

Important Note: If your PC or ChromeBook supports touch screen AND mousepad technology, text can be selected with the mousepad, but menu selections must be made using the touch screen.  We are working to resolve this issue.  

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