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Copia Class Library

Clicking this icon will take you back to you library in the Copia Class web portal.  The library will open in your current tab, replacing the web reader.


When the Select button is pressed, the cursor changes to an arrow, and the Reader is using the “Selection mode”.

To select a section of text, first click the Select tool in the left sidebar. Click the left mouse button and drag across the desired selection. Then, by clicking the right mouse button, you can highlight the selected text, find other instances of the text in the document, look it up in the dictionary, or add a comment to the selection.


Using the panning tool, you can move the current page in any direction on the screen. This can be useful for viewing different sections of a page at high zoom.


Use the pen tool to make free-form annotations on the document, such as underlining a section of text, adding drawings, etc. Add pen strokes to the document by holding down the left mouse button and dragging to make the desired stroke. You can set the pen thickness, color, and opacity by selecting the Pen tool and then opening the Drawer tab.


Set the width of you pen stroke.


Chose the color of your pen.


Set the opacity of your pen. A semi-transparent stroke can be useful for adding color-coded highlights to a section of text.


You can remove marks created with the Pen tool with the Eraser. Select the Eraser tool. Click the left mouse button and drag across an existing pen-made mark to get rid of it.  


Use the Bookmark tool to bookmark pages for quick access.             

Create a new bookmark by selecting the bookmark tool and clicking the Add Bookmark button. Set a title and color for your new bookmark. The current document page becomes bookmarked when you click the Add button. You will see a small bookmark appear on the top-right corner of your page.


To go to a bookmarked page, click on the desired bookmark with the left mouse button. To delete an existing bookmark, click the “x” button to the right of the bookmark.



You can create a new comment, view existing comments, or add your own comment to an existing thread.

If you want an overview of the existing comments, click on the Comment tool in the left sidebar menu. A new sidebar will appear with a listing of all comments for the current document. Comments can be sorted by the date the comment was last modified, page number, or alphabetically by author. Clicking on a comment in the sidebar takes you to the page of the document that contains the comment, and opens a window with the selected comment thread. With the comment thread open, you can add your own comment, delete a comment you had made, or edit a comment you had made earlier.

To add a new comment, click the location on the page that you want to comment on. A window will open. Enter the text of your comment, and click Comment. You can edit or delete the comment you add at any time either by finding it through the left sidebar comment menu, or by left-clicking on the comment icon  on the document page.

If you wish to comment on a section of text, you can use the Select tool to select the region of text and then chose Create Comment from the context menu.

Similarly, you can add your comment to an existing thread either through the left comment sidebar or by clicking the comment icon  in the document.

Media Library

Clicking the Media Library icon in the left sidebar menu brings up a list of all the interactive elements that have been added to the document you are reading. The list can be sorted by title, page location, or media type. You can access an item by clicking on it from within the list.

Elements can only be added, edited or deleted by the document’s author. 

Table of Contents

If a table of contents is available, you can access it by clicking the Table of Contents icon. This will bring up a list of links that can be clicked to access different sections of the document.

A table of contents can only be created or edited by the document’s author. 

Use the Search tool to find specific words or phrases in the document. Click on the Search icon to open the tool. Enter the word or phrase you wish to find, and then click the magnifying glass icon to perform the search. You can also search the dictionary with this tool. With a Dictionary search, the sidebar will display the dictionary entry for the search term. If a Textbook search was chosen, the sidebar will display all instances of the search term in the given document. Clicking any of the instances will take you to the page of the document where that instance of the term occurs. The search term itself will be color highlighted.

Toggle Markup Visibility

Toggles the visibility of Overlay markup in the book, removing side markers and the borders in the text. In the “Markup Off” mode all the tools except “Search” and “Table Of Content” become disabled.

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