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There are a number of additional buttons in the bottom of the reading window. You can use these buttons to optimize your reading experience.

Scroll Bar

You can use the Scroll Bar to move through the book. Dragging the scroll button the right or left will move you forwards or backwards through the document.

“Fit To” Buttons

You can quickly zoom in or out by using the Fit To buttons. These buttons are available when you are reading a PDF file.

  Fit to Width. Zoom in to fit the width of the text across the reading window.

  Fit to Height. Zoom out to see the entire page in the reading window.

Font Size


You can quickly change the font size for a more comfortable reading experience. These buttons are available when you are reading an ePUB file.

 Clicking this button will increase the size of the font and will show less test in the reading window.

 Clicking this button will decrease the size of the font and show more text in the reading window.

Page Navigations


 For PDF and fixed layout ePUBs, the textbox shows the current page and the number on the left shows the number of pages in the book. In the example to the left you are on page 2 of a 326-page document. You can navigate directly to a specific page by entering the page number number in the box.

 For reflowable EPUBs, Copia Web Reader approximates the percentage of the text read.

 This button is used for returning back to the page before the last jump, for example when you have jumped to an endnote and now wish to return to the text you were reading.


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