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The icon buttons on the right side of the lower bar are used to control the reading window. The Layout icon allows users select the reader layout.  The “Gear” icon brings the Reader settings dialog. The “Size” icon toggles the visibility of the left sidebar menu.


Layout View

The Layout icon allows you to toggle between single-page, two-page, and continuous scrolling (when available).

The Layout icon allows users select the reader layout: one page, two pages or “continuous scrolling” (supported only for EPUBs).


 The icon to the left indicates that you are viewing the documents with a two-page layout; much like a printed book


 This icon indicates you want to view the text one page at a time.


 Select this icon when you want to read the document with continuous scrolling. In this case there is no flipping between pages. Instead you can scroll through the document. This view is particularly helpful on small screens. Please note that this view is only available for reflowable ePUBs.

My Settings Dialog

 Clicking the Gear icon will bring up the My Settings menu. Here, you can see information about the book you are reading

My Settings: Textbook

You can access additional information about the document you are reading: the author, the date the it was created, the file size, and associated tags.

My Settings: Toggle Visibility

Here you can set which overlay items can be toggled off and on. This can be very helpful for creating a Reading Mode with minimal distractions.

Reading Mode

 You can switch to Reading Mode by clicking on the double-headed arrow. The left side bar menu will disappear and the reading window will expand.


 Selecting the two-arrow icon restores the left sidebar menu.

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